What is Faith Like a Noodle?

Faith Like a Noodle is a U.S. Nonprofit that supports
compassion, connection and resiliency in relationships
through creative print and digital media.

Hi, I'm Diana...

I've been a career author & Illustrator for three decades with 18 published children's books including the New York Times featured I'm Not Invited and Matilda the Moocher. 

In addition to my career as creative talent for major publishing houses like Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Putnam/Penguin, Disney/Hyperion, Henry Holt and others, I'm also a developmental editor and the founder of Faith Like a Noodle, a U.S. nonprofit that supports love, connection and resiliency in relationships through print & digital media. 

What Does Faith Like a Noodle Do?

FAITH LIKE A NOODLE helps people increase self-love and compassion, build hope and empowerment, and be a part of the good that the world needs... and in a time when we all need to see more good in the world, you and I are the creators of it!

How Does Faith Like a Noodle Achieve its Mission?

Our work is fully funded through your generous tax deductible donations and the operation of two online support resources:

A membership community for strong women facing life's challenges with creativity & faith

Sending daily doses of love, wit and wisdom worldwide

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