Smiling is Easy... but feeling like smiling takes inspiration. 

The Delightful Daily Doodle Delivery supports positive transformation day-by-day in a simple yet profound way that increases self-compassion, approval and a deeper sense of calm, leading to more overall happiness and satisfaction with life.

"I can't stop smiling about what you're doing.  It works." - Stu M.

Children's Author & Illustrator

Diana Cain Bluthenthal

My thirty-year career in children's picture books has centered around conversing creatively with readers of all ages and stages, echoing empathy and encouragement, offering hope and resilience, and supporting what matters most in life: understanding and accepting ourselves better so that we can offer understanding and acceptance to others.

"I don't know how that little blob can make me so happy, but somehow he does." - Debbie C.
"LOVE the Daily Doodles. They brighten my life." - Kyra H.

What is the Delightful Daily Doodle Delivery?

The Delightful Daily Doodle Delivery is an email subscription. It is a unique, daily inbox-experience that contains smile-inspiring original art with an uplifting message created and sent personally by me for you, everyday. The Daily Doodles are offered as a thank-you to donors who monetarily support the non-profit organization, Faith Like a Noodle.

What is Faith Like a Noodle? It is a U.S. registered nonprofit that supports love, connection and resiliency in relationships through creative print and didgital media.

"I really love the doodles, they are so cool. The things you write are amazing and to the point.  Don't ever stop doing them."
- Debby C.

An Instant Smile... Guaranteed.
"I love your doodles because they are so cute and they bring something positive and good to me every morning. They help me to see myself more and more with acceptance and approval. I even see my flaws as opportunities now for new ways of loving myself. 
Thank you, Diana, for making everyday so special and for showing me new possibilities where I can be and love more of myself."  - Luz del Carmen C.
"As soon as I saw your daily doodles, 
I instantly started smiling." - Stu M.
How Do The Daily Doodles Work?
Studies show over and over that people who smile more often also recover more quickly from stress, heal more quickly from disease, and report feeling less worry and regrets about life.

When we expose our brains to warm and welcoming messages, we relax.  We can use visual communication like art and written language to light up parts of the brain and let the good feelings in more easily. Using creativity to reach the guarded parts of ourselves also returns to us a bonus ripple effect: things that we once believed were hard for us become easier.

The fact is that as we offer creative compassion to ourselves, everything about life becomes easier. It is the miraculous power of self-compassion in action.

Wait, it gets better... Did you also know?

Your $5 donation can create a happier life for others, too.

Fact #1.)
Your donation goes 100% to support the mission of FAITH LIKE A NOODLE which exists to support and encourage love, connection, and resiliency in relationships through creative print media. As you give and receive the Daily Doodles, you are helping others to give and receive the same.

Fact #2.)
You can also give a DELIGHTFUL DAILY DOODLE gift-subscription to absolutely anyone on the planet who has an email address. Yes! You can totally uplift a favorite someone with the gift of daily love and encouragement that keeps on giving every single day of the year.

 What at first glance might can seem like something very small, can be a world-changer in disguise.  

You can help to better yours and someone else's worlds one day, one doodle at a time.

You'll be delighted that you did. :)